The Inauguration of a Republic

Well, Donald Trump is the POTUS. If you have been in a coma for the last 2 years, don’t wake up. The ceremony was short, under a rain threat, as if the sky were in a rush. But beyond all the rhetoric on both sides, we witnessed a peaceful transfer of power, a pillar of a triumphant democracy. The teachings are there for all to see, the mechanism to install it in our countries with the local flavour.

Imagine an inauguration of a cuban president in 2046: a platform is setup on the stairs of El Capitolio, the place where Congress and Senate meet. The podium where the president elect will be sworn-in, is extending outwards, trying to fly over the crowd below. The press is accommodated over blocks on both sides of the platform, and seating arrangement is projected on the sidewalk and onto the street.

The outgoing president meets the president elect and spouse at his house, La Casa Grande. The exquisite building, with eclectic design, was erected in 1920 and served as the presidential palace until 1959. The modern president has to be connected to the past of the country, he or she most return to La Casa Grande. It must be named that way, gone will be the days where the president doesn’t feel like one of us, doesn’t represent the people. His house won’t be a mansion or a palace in a hidden suburb, his house will be the house of all cubans, for they will be governing as well in the most superlative way. A big house, La Casa Grande, on plain sight for everybody to see.

The north lawn will be en el Lado del Morro, the south lawn on the Bellas Artes side. It will be time to take away the Granma and other rusty artifacts to a resting place, a tomb or a nostalgia museum and rescue the beautiful garden that the ancestors built. These gardens will serve as space for media press conferences, space for the president to conduct walk meetings and a helipad for helicopter take off and landing.

The separation of powers will have happened by then, executive power in La Casa Grande, the legislative power in El Capitolio and the judicial power in The Supreme Court, where el Consejo de Estado resides, behind the Raspadura en Plaza Civica.

After showing the president elect around La Casa Grande, they both jump in the car to be driven around Avenida de Belgica, Malecon, Galiano, Zanja, Dragones e Industria; right at the back of El Capitolio. The president elect will walk through the hall Los Pasos Perdidos and reach the podium to be proclaimed official as the president of Cuba.

What a perfect moment to wake up from a coma.






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